Framework contracts are procurement mechanisms that permit ministries, departments and agencies to avail themselves of certain contracted services faster and more economically than by following a complete end-to-end procurement process. Typically a central procurement authority uses a competitive process to prequalify a number of suppliers based on the type and subject-matter of the service, and the suppliers’ demonstrated capabilities, price, and availability of experts. Users of these services can then follow simpler rules and processes to make use of such services from the pre-qualified suppliers.

TGN has been pre-qualified for such mechanisms by the Government of Canada:

  • Task based standing offers
  • Solution based standing offers
  • Task based supply arrangements
  • PS Online standing offer

Standing offers provide the means to obtain goods and services that are amenable to a high level of specification, requiring little or no flexibility in definition.

Supply arrangements provide a certain amount of flexibility in the specification of the service, within bounds.

Two types of services are recognized for standing offers and supply arrangements:

Task based services are specified by the nature of the work to be done – the length of time required and the nature of the expertise to be applied.

Solution based services are specified in terms of the outputs or outcomes expected. Different suppliers may take somewhat different approaches to reach the same result.