Change Management for the Caribbean Development Bank
After conducting an international best practice review and evaluating the readiness for change, TGN developed and implemented a comprehensive change process based on ‘Outcome Mapping’ that involved every person at every level of the Bank. Outcome challenges were identified for all units within the Bank and change progress markers developed. Work was rolled-up into a master change management plan.

Restructuring City of Edmonton
Following a dramatic fall in energy revenue, TGN’s president was responsible for developing strategies to address pummeling revenues. The cities workforce was reduced by 25% and the structure streamlined from 26 to 13 departments while improving service levels.

Restructuring Province of Saskatchewan
Following dramatic revenue decline, TGN’s president worked with Cabinet to reduce government expenditures and workforce by 20%. This was accomplished through innovative programs such as attrition management, early retirement, banking time worked, delayering and privatization.

Re-engineering Canada’s Western Economic Diversification Department
TGN worked with headquarters and four provincial organizations to refocus work from controlling and distributing loans to servicing Western Canadian Businesses. The cultural change strategy involved empowering community business groups, developing and supporting micro-businesses and facilitating economic growth and away from a traditional banking function.

Customs Reform Jamaica
This multi-year change process involved 30 international expert consultants and employees of Jamaica Customs in a journey of planning and re-engineering operational and administrative processes and a redesign of governance structure and practices to prepare for the establishment of a customs and revenue executive agency. TGN worked closely with cabinet, employees, the business community and unions during the planning and implementation phases of the project. The cultural change involved moving from a rules-based process driven organisation to a service organisation; from paper-based to electronic and information based; and from a corruption driven organisation characterised by fear to highly professional institution characterised by professionalism and pride in protecting citizens. Central to the project was comprehensive capacity building.

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of Trinidad and Tobago, Business Process Reengineering
The goal of this project is to improve the performance of international trade by strengthening the country’s technical and institutional capacity to develop and grow trade, business and investment. TGN began with an assessment of the organisation followed by a reengineering of main processes. Working in close collaboration with employees, stakeholders and the Minister, TGN developed MTI’ Strategic Plan and then it’s Business Transformation Plan.