Suriname Road Map for Public Sector Reform
TGN worked with the Government of Suriname, its nine coalition parties, and labour, business, academic and community leaders to develop a comprehensive road map for the reform of the Suriname public sector. The process included undertaking vertical and horizontal assessments of government functions and ministries, facilitating several leadership engagement processes to ensure “local fit”, buy-in and support for the resultant plan.

Guyana Public Sector Modernisation Design Plan
 TGN undertook an organisational assessment of all 26 government ministries, engaged local decision takers, public sector unions and social sectors in the development of a comprehensive public sector modernisation design plan. The project reported to the Office of the President and involved cabinet in the ongoing process of building consensus on a comprehensive plan.

Revenue Reform, Jamaica Customs
 This was a multi phased project spread over five years that engaged some 20 external and 10 local experts. The first phase was to carry out an assessment of current operations and design a plan to modernise the Customs Department and establish it as an executive agency. The second phase was to implement the changes recommended in the design plan. Additional phases included an HRM Change Management Plan and Implementation, a comprehensive study on barriers to trade, and the development of a performance management system and accountability accords for Customs and the eight other revenue departments. Work undertaken involved Cabinet, unions, business, Chamber of Commerce, and law enforcement agencies.

Ethics Project
 TGN has worked with a large number of Canadian federal government departments and foreign governments in developing codes of ethical conduct, and designing and implementing ethics programs in a number of jurisdictions.

Governance Improvement Belize
TGN assembled a team of international leaders to assist the Prime Minister of Belize to address some serious governance issues. The process included engaging cabinet, the media, public service leaders, and leaders from other community sectors. Cabinet approved and implemented the recommendations put forward.

Government Improvement Project for HRD Ontario
Canada’s largest region of the Human Resource Development Department following a highly visible and volatile crisis in governance. The project involved establishing new governance responsibility frameworks working with the entire organisation