Leadership for Institutional Excellence, University of the West Indies
TGN is working closely with UWI’s Vice Chancellor, four campus Principals and other members of the Executive Committee to help ensure that UWI has the leadership skills and strategic HRM Framework to help it achieve its strategic plan and provide student-centred services to students in 4 main campuses, and 48 delivery sites in 16 countries.

Assessment and Coaching of Trinidad and Tobago’s top 581 managers
As part of the larger Ministerial Performance Management Framework, TGN developed a unique 360° instrument to assess the nation’s top managers in 50 ministries and agencies. Over 6000 assessors (92%) participated in orientation sessions for assessors and assessed the managers. Each manager received individual coaching and completed a Personal Development Plan. TGN also facilitated the development of 50 Team Assessment Reports and development sessions for various groups of managers.

Permanent Secretaries Retreats (Trinidad, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.)
 TGN planned and facilitated numerous high-level retreats for public service executives around topics such as: leadership development; leading and managing change; alternative service delivery systems; strategic HRM; performance improvement; providing policy advice in difficult times; public service modernization and reform; and Permanent Secretary/Minister interface. (or the Administrative/Political interface.)

Interactive Executive Development Courses, Canadian Centre for Management Development
 TGN researched, developed and delivered with a great deal of success, over 20 executive level leadership and management courses in: advanced policy making; Canada and the world; governance in net-time; citizen-centred service; alternative service delivery systems; stewardship as a management approach; reason and passion in public sector reform; and international trends in public sector reform.

Leadership Development: Coaching, Executive and Military Leadership Training
Working in close collaboration with the Canadian Defence Academy, and the Canadian Forces College, TGN has led over 100 projects involving research, leadership development and teaching in areas such as: strategic thinking and leadership; leadership assessment and development; coaching; mentoring; international security; military historical perspectives; veterans affairs; change management; operational planning; and aboriginals in the military: employing many former ministers, ambassadors, military executives and leaders, and international experts.