Trinidad Strategic Plan for the Ministry of National Security
 TGN worked closely with the Ministry in the development of a comprehensive strategic plan for the nation’s military, coast guard, police, fire, prison, intelligence, and immigration services. The approach taken was built around development of skills and partnering with the various units within the ministry.

Afghanistan Cultural Seminars for Directorate Air Forces Readiness
 TGN conducted a series of seminars to help leaders going to Afghanistan learn to manage strategic change and how they can best contribute to the Management of Change in Afghanistan. The way change is managed and co-ordinated is driven by cultural and religious factors that are quite different from Canada. The program exposed participants to the precursors and imperatives for effective interaction and change processes so that each member of the Team, and the Team as a whole, were better able to function and be fully effective in a multi-disciplinary environment, in a cultural diverse society.

Strategic Analysis of Security with respect to Canada’s G 8 Summit and Winter Olympic Games
 TGN assisted the Department of National Defence research to substantiate lessons learned with respect to the preparation for and delivery of security services to these major international events.

Naval Strategy for Canada
As part of preparing for the delivery of a new naval fleet, TGN was proud to provide the best experts from around the world to assist the Canadian Navy in the development of a new naval strategy for new times.

Lance Warriors
 The Joint Command and Staff Programme (JCSP) at the Canadian Forces College – offers a residential programme that runs over a ten month period that concludes with a major planning exercise at the NATO joint force level.  The exercise evaluates the students as Joint Operational Planning Group (JOPG) staff officers within a NATO-type joint force of some 80,000 troops. Mentorship by experienced and expert personnel is critical to the student’s development and consolidation of JCSP courses and lessons.  TGN provided the 12 member team comprising Senior Command Mentors of experienced General/ Flag Officer status with operational experience in joint warfare operations. TGN also provided Political/Humanitarian/Development Mentors.  The Students participating in the exercise were Lieutenant Colonels/Commanders and Majors/Lieutenant Commanders from Canada and several foreign nations with at least 15- 20 years of experience in the military.