Canadian Deputy Minister’s Task Force on Citizen-centred Service
 The task was to envision government services built around citizens rather than bureaucracies. Eleven Deputy Ministers from Canada’s largest service departments worked for 18 months to research and rethink service to citizens. TGN provided executive consulting and coordinating services to the task force and prepared the final reports.

“From Controlling to Collaborating: When Government’s want to be Partners”
 TGN researched and held focus groups across Canada to examine and determine lessons from Canada’s largest devolution of programs when it passed over responsibility for the delivery of labour development programs to over 300 providers across the country. Lessons about cultural change required for collaboration and partnering were profound. 60,000 copies of the report were sold.

HRM Implications of Executive Agencies, Philippines
 TGN was requested to provide expert services to the Government of the Philippines about the fundamental HRM changes involved with moving services from the government to arms-length executive agencies. TGN worked with deputy ministers and HRM professionals.

Jamaica Customs Reform: design and implementation
 This major multi-year project had two main thrusts: improved governance and improved services. The most challenging cultural change was to move from a rule-bound moribund institution to one whose principle purpose was service, facilitating trade and protecting citizens. The transformation included reengineering all work process, administrative processes, performance management and HRM strategies. Capacity building approaches ranged from engaging leaders who had been through the transformation from many other developing countries to traditional workshops and on-the-job training.

Jamaica Export Trade Facilitation
 The major thrust of this project was to work with the private sector to identify barriers to trade at the operational level including handling of cargo, levels of corruption, ease of payment, and speed of receiving goods. In all cases, the lack of a service culture proved a bigger barrier than processes or rules. A change and improvement plan was developed and launched in collaboration with business and government officials.