Canadian International Development Agency HRM Strategy
TGN assisted CIDA in developing a strategy to move HRM from a transactional/support focused function to a strategic one becoming a full partner in executive leadership.

International Development Research Centre HRM Strategy
 TGN undertook an examination of best HRM practices in comparator organisations; conducted a current state assessment; and made recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as to how IDRC could realign its HR policies, practices and principles to support the new strategic plan and integrate them with the financial and business planning processes.

Talent Management and Leadership Development Initiatives at the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
 TGN examined the policies, governance structure, strategies and programs related to ACOA’s HRM function and examined international best practices to assist in the development and approval of a talent management framework that brought together HR planning, requirement, engagement, development, deployment and retention so that organizational performance could be maximized.

HRM Transformation, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Trinidad and Tobago
 The MTI is leading the drive to position Trinidad and Tobago to be the region’s manufacturing and commercial centre and coordinate trade reform. TGN undertook a project to assist MTI in the achievement of its business goals by restructuring and re-configuring its HRM processes and capacity. Our work included developing a change management strategy and plan; a reinforcement strategy, capacity building; team building; formulation of a mentorship programme and succession plan; and a review and redesign of the performance management system.

Ministerial Performance Management Framework for Trinidad and Tobago
 This multi-year project involving 12 high-level performance management experts involved working with teams in 50 organisations who undertook comprehensive organisational assessments, examination of client services, employee engagement, managerial capacity and overall capacity to address government goals, and the preparation of performance improvement plans and cabinet reports involved 360° degree assessments, coaching and development of team and individual improvement plans for the nation’s 581 most senior managers. The unique approach was developed by a collaborative approach involving ministers and permanent secretaries that was facilitated by TGN.

Performance Contracts for Jamaica’s Revenue Commissioners
 This project determined new ways that Jamaica’s nine revenue departments could work together following major restructuring. Key performance indicators were developed in collaboration with the newly configured organisations. Performance accords were established with each of the departments.