Our success is based on projects where the client takes the lead in defining the results expected and means to achieve them; where client officials and personnel take a guiding and learning role in meeting their own needs and continuing to do so once the project is achieved.

We make it our business to understand your business. We transfer our knowledge and skills to you so that you can build and sustain the capacity required to manage change and achieve the results you want. When you succeed, we succeed.


In each consulting or research engagement, we tailor the successful practices of others world-wide to your needs, organization, capacity and environment. Our network of experts has implemented solutions in a broad range of circumstances around the world. They understand how differing environments affect potential solutions. We take the time to listen and work with you to develop and implement renewal strategies that fit your needs, priorities and circumstances.


We understand that organisations are made up of interconnected parts and practices and operate within a larger environment. No organization can be treated in isolation. We recognize that the environmental influences may be stronger than some of the internal factors. When we recommend changes in one component, we explore and identify the potential need for corresponding change in others within that overall environment.


TGN builds its project teams to focus on the specific needs of the client and the client’s environment. We assemble the knowledge and experience that a project requires so that our solution addresses the problem. We supplement our core research and consulting group by drawing on a large network of Canadian and international associates. From this talent pool, we build customised teams of experts that can tackle any combination of governance issues.